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Disciples of War Explanation

If you’ve come here to look for a guide on disciples of war: I’m currently working on a massive revamp of the page that will include a lot more details. In the meantime, I can wholeheartedly endorse this guide that does a kick-ass job at explaining disciples of war. It also includes a pretty great leveling guide (full review available here).

We are going to be talking about the combat classes, so we are going to dive into the Disciples of War and Magic.

disciples of war

First up on the list we have Gladiators, now these Gladiators specialize in handling all manner of one-handed blades, from daggers to long swords, be them single- or double-edged, straight or curved, it does not matter. The Gladiators’ proficiency with blades also extends to those hurled at range, such as throwing knives.

A defining characteristic of the Gladiator guild is how much they emphasize diverse combat tactics and training. This allows Gladiators to fight with a shield in one hand if they wish to defend their fellow companions, or opt for going into battle with an empty off hand, choosing instead to focus entirely on their sword arm and offensive capabilities. Additional details about the class are available here.

The Pugilist. The path of the Pugilist is one of incessant training, aimed at mastering the traditional techniques of hand to hand combat, though they command formidable power when unarmed, they can also use metal, leather and bone weaponry to maximize their fists’ destructive potential. Their preference for fighting at close quarters makes negotiating distances an absolute necessity. Many among them opt to use throwing weapons such a the chakram to momentarily daze their enemies while they move in for the kill. Masters of offensive and defensive stances, Pugilists continuously adapt their fighting style to best suit their companions as well as their enemies.

The Marauder is a combat specialist whose weapon of choice is the great ax. Their approach to battle is one of brute force, relying on strength and steel to crush their enemies and sunder weapons. They are highly sought after for their ferocity and intimidating presence, and are often employed to hunt down monsters plaguing the land or to turn the tide of battle between warring nations, while stationary Marauders are able to generate a solid base from which they are able to carry out devastating attacks. The strength of the marauder lies in the ability to control timing and distance to maximize the efficiency of their blows.

The Lancer. The strategy of the Lancer is to outrange and fluster opponents with their long, two handed pole arms, peppering their enemies with a barrage of thrusting attacks. They are trained with a number of weapons, giving them diversity in combat and making their attacks extremely versatile. By utilizing the long reach of their pole arms, Lancers are able to deal devastating damage from a position of relative safety. The battle tactics of Lancers afford them numerous advantages, such as avoiding the ire of enemies and enhancing the attacks of companions.

The Archer. The enduring popularity of the bow is a testament to it’s elegant design, but this simple weapon would be worth little without the surpassing skill of those who master it. Archers posses a situational awareness in combat, which allows them to assault enemies from great range while simultaneously providing support to their companions. Though weak at close range and limited by quivers, an Archer’s expertise and positioning and arrow selection can easily determine the outcome of a battle.

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