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What is Disciples of the Hand Skills and Abilities, and How to Unlock Them?

If you’ve come here to look for a guide on disciples of the hand: I’m currently working on a massive revamp of the page that will include a lot more details. In the meantime, I can wholeheartedly endorse this guide that does a kick-ass job at explaining disciples of the hand. It also includes a pretty great leveling guide (full review available here).

A list of the Disciples of the Had could be seen as followings:

disciples of the hand

  • Carpenters will be making bows, spears, staves, and other goodies.
  • Armorsmiths will be making heavy armor and shields.
  • Weaponsmiths will make Gladiator, Marauder, and Pugilist weapons.
  • Weavers will focus on cloth, armor, and this covers a lot of DoH gear.
  • Leatherworkers focus on leatherworking armor and this focuses a lot on DoL gear.
  • Goldsmiths will work on jewelries like rings, earrings, necklaces.
  • Culinists will make food and potions.
  • Alchemists will make potions

To obtain your DoH, simply join the guild once you’ve completed your starting classes level 10 guild quest. Carpenters and Leatherworkers start in Gridline. Weavers, Goldsmiths, and Alchemists start in Ul’dah, and Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths, and Culinists will start in Limsa Lominsa).

Now to get started with crafting, you’ll once again be on to your crafting tool and your underwear. You can fix this by picking up some gear from vendors, but it won’t matter much at first. DoHs use three stats: craftsmanship, control, and CP. Craftsmanship will affect your progress bar growth speed; control affects your quality bar growth speed, and CP is your manibar for crafting.

Once you’ve got your gear, you can get started on crafting by opening your crafting log; the default key is N. You’ll be shown a list of items to craft and by clicking on them, you can see the required materials. Now, no matter what DoH you pick, everything you craft is going to require a type of shard. You may have noticed yourself getting these from quests and sometimes even buy them from NPC, and you might already have quite a few. But you’ll undoubtedly run out very fast once you start to craft, and it is important to either level a Disciple of the Hand that can gather the shards you need easily, or just make friends with somebody that can.

Aside from the shards, almost all starting crafting materials can be bought by the associated guild’s supplier, so as long as you have a chunk of shards you can get right into crafting.