Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Crafting Guide

If you’ve come here to look for a guide on crafting: I’m currently working on a massive revamp of the page that will include a lot more details. In the meantime, I can wholeheartedly endorse this guide that does a kick-ass job at explaining crafting. It also includes a pretty great leveling guide (full review available here).

Now crafting is essentially a mini game; you’re goal is to fill the progress bar before the durability hits zero, while raising the quality as high as possible at the same time. Now every action you take involving the item will have reduced its durability by 10. If it hits zero, you will fail; but if your progress bar fills, you win the item that’s crafted.

ff14 crafting

Now if you just want to craft shit fast just pump your one button until your progress bar fills. There’s a bit of RNG involved, but 90% is very much in your favor. Unfortunately, if you want to really craft good gear or to level faster and shard efficiently, you’ll need to work on raising the quality. So once you get around to level five about, you’ll start getting some interesting abilities to raise the quality of items, so let’s learn exactly what everything is doing on the screen.

First, if you start crafting an item with a high quality reagent rather than a normal reagent, it will start with a quality boost. Note that the quality boost of the reagent differs from item to item, but this will significantly increase your chance of success. You can get high quality reagents from a Discipline of the Land with high perception, or craft some high quality reagents yourself.

Now, you’ll notice three things that will affect whether you get a high quality item or not. These are condition, quality, and HQ percentage. Crafting is RNG. The condition changes at random; quality increases can fail and as your quality goes up, you are only increasing the chance that the resulting finished item will be high quality; the chance being the listed percentage at the bottom.

So here’s how it works. Increasing the quality will increase the percentage chance on the item resulting in high quality. But the quality and percentage increase do not move linearly; what I mean is if your quality bar is 50% full, that does not mean you have a 50% chance to get a high quality item — most likely only around 20% to 30%. But if your quality bar is full, it will be 100% chance to get a high quality item. Basically the more quality you get, the more value each point has. Your goal should always be to fill the quality bar though. I’ve failed high quality crafting on items that supposedly had an 89% chance to be high quality, and then I realized that I hate myself for leveling professions during a CBT.


So now you may be wondering how does condition come into play. Well, condition will change randomly throughout the process. When in normal condition, actions will have normal effects, and when an item has a good or excellent condition, successful actions will have a huge bonus effect. But if in poor conditions, the action will have reduced effects. For example, if the quality increase skill typically gives your item 50 quality, it will give it 25 quality if you use it on a turn that the item’s condition is poor; 75 quality if the condition is good, and 100 quality if the condition is excellent. Paying attention to the item’s condition before taking action can make or break getting that high quality item. So basically, high quality reagents easier to make high quality equipment; high quality equipment, better stats. How better? Well, you can see a comparison here. Additionally, if you are leveling your DoH using guild leads, turning in high quality items instead of normal quality items will increase the experience rewarded by a ton. In some cases up, to 200% more experience. So that’s the gist of being a Disciples of the Hand.

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